At the Prosser CIA Coalition, we love community resources. 

There are lots of types of resources out there. The following has resources for learning more about substance abuse and other common problems, getting help, the Prosser CIA Resources, and information for prevention professionals.

Learn more

If you are a parent and wondering how to talk to you child about substance abuse (if you haven't already, make sure you check out our Talk - They Hear You media campaign), or a youth who wants to know more of the facts about substance abuse (If you're in Prosser, make sure to check out our Youth Coalition), the following are some helpful links.

There are some really great information at learn about marijuana and stop medicine abuse. You can also see our fact sheets about e-ciggerets and apps you should know about.


Get help

We want you know that if you are struggling with addiction or substance abuse, THERE IS HELP! 


For Immediate, Confidential Help:

Substance Abuse Helpline 800.923.4357
Suicide Lifeline 800.273.TALK (8255)
Military Helpline 888.457.4838
Youthline for Teens 877.968.8491

Apps to Know

These are some common apps that your child may be using and we have found used to bully and target other students. It is helpful of parents to monitor their child's use of these apps to protect them from being targeted or for inappropriate use.

 You can  download a PDF version  of this as well.

You can download a PDF version of this as well.

E-Cigarette Fact Sheet

E-Cigarette Fact Sheet