Project Success is an evidenced based program designed to prevent and reduce substance use and abuse among adolescents.

It aims to increase perception of harm, change norms and expectations about substance use, build and enhance social and resistance skills, foster and enhance resiliency and protective factors in youth. The Project Success curriculum incorporates several strategies listed above as well as community organization involvement, a classroom presentation series for 7th and 9th graders- where students learn about adolescent development, how drugs and alcohol can interfere and affect their growth and health, and how to make healthy living choices. Project Success also offers several groups for students based on their individual needs. These groups include:

  • Intervention: students who are already using and are at risk for becoming drug and/or alcohol abusers.
  • At-risk: students who are struggling with social, emotional, and behavioral issues that put them at risk for using or are curious about drugs and in need of education on the harm. Students showing signs of depression, lack of motivation in school, irritability, cutting, or numerous other behaviors may be eligible for this group.
  • Affected others: students who are affected by the use of drugs or alcohol by parents, guardians, siblings or important people in their lives.
  • Recovery: students who have completed treatment and are trying to stay sober

Students can be referred to groups or individual intervention by friends, family, teachers and other staff.