Community Survey

Our Coalition’s needs assessment includes a comprehensive review of the existing data around risk and protective factors, and community needs. It includes results of recent youth, resource and community surveys that identify resources, gaps, and need for services in Prosser Washington.

Our Coalition’s needs assessment process involved multiple methods and focused on a diversity of community members. We collected data from our partners and local government to get started and then were able to use our community survey and data books provided by DBHR. The information that was collected included demographic data for the general population of Prosser; an overview of substance abuse problems in students; risk and protective factors, environmental conditions, and services/resources needed.

Every year we do a new community survey which helps us reevaluate our strategic plan. We would love it if you would be willing to take a little bit of time (about 10-15 minutes) if you are over 18 years old and live  or work in Benton County to take our community survey. We have versions in English and Spanish.

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